David B. Miller

David B. Miller

Mr. Miller has been the CFO of Lightning Logistics, LLC since its inception in June 2009.  Mr. Miller has a strong background in finance, risk management, and oil & gas markets.  His experience has been instrumental in helping Lighting to successfully navigate all phases of growth from start-up to its current state.  Mr. Miller’s business philosophy is to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ at all costs.  He’s seen too many entrepreneurs miss the boat on opportunity because they spent too much time trying to ‘figure it all out.’  In his mind, you assess the upside and downside, and if it looks good you go for it and figure things out as you go.  His philosophy has served him well over the years and it continues to allow Lightning to flourish.

Mr. Miller’s primary role is to manage capital and assets to leverage the greatest return possible.  He oversees everything from managing cash flow, securing financing, to spearheading new ventures to capitalize on market opportunities.  David is very well respected in the office and has a reputation around the office as being a straight shooter, very approachable, and fair in all of his dealings.

Mr. Miller holds a BS Degree in Finance from Texas A&M University.  He is married with two children.  He enjoys Texas A&M Football, golf, grilling, and spending time playing with his kids.


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