Our History

Lightning Logistics, LLC was incorporated on June 4, 2009.  It all began with the vision of Brody Chapman, CEO & Owner, who had spent the previous two years learning the transportation business with another logistics company, specifically in the role of business development.  Brody quickly learned the transportation side of the business and had already accrued vast oil & gas experience from his father, a prominent oil & gas executive in Houston.  With this knowledge and experience along with the timing of the oil & gas boom, Brody knew there was a huge opportunity to provide logistics services to oil & gas companies around the United States.

With this insight in mind, Brody quickly recruited two mission critical partners who could help launch the company.  His first move was to recruit David Miller whom at the time was an up and coming oil & gas trader for BP.  David’s oil & gas experience coupled with a strong finance background made him the perfect fit to manage the administrative and financial sides of the business.

The second mission critical hire for Brody was Shea Jones.  At that time Shea brought 13 years of logistics & transportation experience that would prove extremely beneficial as the company was in startup mode.  His experience helped in everything from choosing our dispatch software to hiring drivers to acquiring new customers.  His vast network created a strong foundation on which Lightning could get off of the ground.

With his team in place Brody, David, and Shea set up an office the size of a 12 x 12 bedroom, hired one driver and began running freight for one customer.  With a lot of long days, nights, headaches, backaches, close calls, etc… the company began to quickly grow through customer acquisition and new driver hiring.  Lightning Logistics, LLC quickly developed a reputation in the oil & gas market as a reputable, dependable hot shot company that could be counted on to get mission critical material to a well site on time and safely.

Five years later, Lightning has 100+ drivers, 20 employees, and is serving several industrial markets while still heavily focused on oil & gas.  Our goal is to provide best in class service to our customers and create a sustainable, healthy business that provides our employees and drivers the opportunity to flourish and prosper.

It’s been a whirlwind over the past 5 years but we have loved every minute of it and look forward to many more!!!  Stay tuned as our story continues to unfold.