Executive team

Shea B. Jones
Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Jones has been Vice President of Business Development since the company’s inception in June of 2009. He has keen insights into the transportation business as he has been excelling in the industry eighteen years. His knowledge and skill set has been critical in Lightning’s success. His business philosophy is ‘there’s no such thing as too much communication.’ He’s learned over the years that communicating clearly and often is the key to successfully running a transportation business. Mr. Jones primary role is Business Development. He is responsible for laying out the strategic plans aimed at securing new business, servicing existing business, and maximizing revenue in critical industry segments. Under his leadership, Lightning Logistics continues to see strong year over year revenue growth from the day it opened its doors. Mr. Jones also is responsible for running Lightning’s Heavy Haul Division which specializes in moving oversized freight throughout the United States. His knowledge and skills set in this area makes Lightning a local favorite among shippers needing heavy haul services. Mr. Jones is a Houston native and has two children. He enjoys coaching his kids sports teams, bike riding, and watching all sporting events.

Adam K. Wright
Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Wright was recruited by Lightning Logistics in October of 2012 as a General Manager. Under his leadership, the company has successfully streamlined its mission critical processes which has positioned Lightning to operate more efficiently and prepare us for our next phase of growth. Mr. Wright’s business philosophy as an operator is ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link.’ As such, Mr. Wright spends a great deal of time and effort in mentoring and coaching his team to operate according to Lightning’s Mission and Values. He believes strongly that the only way to successfully operate and grow an organization is to put the right people in place and invest time and energy into developing them. In January 2014, Mr. Wright was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. As such, he is tasked with overseeing all facets of the daily operations. Like Mr. Chapman, he is a hands on executive available 365/24/7 to ensure the needs and wants of Lightning’s customers are being met and exceeded. Mr. Wright graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN with a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Business Marketing & Management. He is married with three children. He enjoys running, swimming, reading, and live music.

David B. Miller
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Miller has been the CFO of Lightning Logistics, LLC since its inception in June 2009. Mr. Miller has a strong background in finance, risk management, and oil & gas markets. His experience has been instrumental in helping Lighting to successfully navigate all phases of growth from start-up to its current state. Mr. Miller’s business philosophy is to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ at all costs. He’s seen too many entrepreneurs miss the boat on opportunity because they spent too much time trying to ‘figure it all out.’ In his mind, you assess the upside and downside, and if it looks good you go for it and figure things out as you go. His philosophy has served him well over the years and it continues to allow Lightning to flourish. Mr. Miller’s primary role is to manage capital and assets to leverage the greatest return possible. He oversees everything from managing cash flow, securing financing, to spearheading new ventures to capitalize on market opportunities. David is very well respected in the office and has a reputation around the office as being a straight shooter, very approachable, and fair in all of his dealings. Mr. Miller holds a BS Degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. He is married with two children. He enjoys Texas A&M Football, golf, grilling, and spending time playing with his kids.

Brody D. Chapman
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chapman has been the CEO of Lightning Logistics, LLC since its inception in June 2009. His business acumen and professional experience have greatly contributed to the aggressive growth and success of Lightning Logistics. His business philosophy is simple – ‘People are more important than money and the best business is done by creating win-win situations.’ This philosophy permeates throughout the whole organization and has enabled Lightning to become a leading transportation and logistics company in just five short years. Mr. Chapman’s primary roles are to oversee the strategic direction of Lightning, business development, and customer service. Many of our customers have pointed out that the reason they do business with Lighting is because Brody is a hands on owner who is available 24/7/365 via cell phone. If you need something delivered at 3am on Christmas Eve or if there is a problem with a load, Brody will make himself available to ensure the customer’s needs are being met. Mr. Chapman graduated from the Jerry S. Rawls School of Business at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. He is married with a son. He enjoys Texas Tech football, golf, traveling and fine dining.